I work with ambitious organizations to explore new business models, establish creative confidence and build innovative ventures.

Stop leaving innovation to chance 

Key Skillset

Leadership for discovery driven growth.

Innovation Strategy

Creating a clear innovation thesis for building a multi-horizon spanning innovation portfolio.

Innovation Practice

Leading high performance teams from customer centred problem discovery to market validation.

Innovation Management

Establishing an evolving framework to account for  internal and external innovation outcomes.

I work with leading international brands

What clients and partners say

“Lukas is respected throughout our organization as a skilled and experienced innovation leader. He is very easy to work with due to his clear communication skills and organized methods of working. He proved to be very outcome-oriented and managed to exceed my expectation in every initiative I commissioned.” 

 CEO, VR Smart Finanz

“Lukas is a very professional and competent entrepreneur and consultant who is able to quickly identify where the problem is and offer solutions for it. It was important for Lukas and for us not only to develop a concept, but also to prove that it works in practice.” 

Transformation Manager, ZURICH Insurance Group

Challenges I  am currently working on:

How might we …

… establish a corporate accelerator for internal and exteral dealflow?
… build a community platform for charity engagement?
… match technologists with a job that fits their purpose?

Previously I solved the questions of how to …

… transform a traditional bank into a customer centric digital financial solutions provider.

… invent a new digital parking business model in San Franciso.

… create a sustainable B2B & B2C carsharing business model for electric vehicles.
… gain and loose 35 kg.

Lukas Golyszny